The Yellow Dot program is designed to assist Alabama citizens and first responders in the event of an automobile accident or other medical emergency involving the participant’s vehicle.  “Yellow Dot” will help speed up emergency response time by making information immediately available to treat accident victims, thus taking full advantage of the “Golden Hour” after a trauma has occurred.  The program can help saves lives by improving communication at a time when accident victims may be unable to communicate for themselves.


Participants receive a “Yellow Dot” decal to place on their vehicle’s rear window, alerting first responders to look for the corresponding “Yellow Dot” folder in the glove compartment.  The information provided in the folder will allow first responders to positively identify the person, get in touch with family or emergency contacts, and ensure that the person’s current medications, allergies, and pre-existing medical conditions are considered when treatment is administered for injuries.

For more information please contact the Administration office at  251 981 9777.



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 Womens Firearm Safety Class (cancelled)






orange beach police dept.

4480 Orange Beach Blvd.

P.O. Box 1039

Orange Beach, AL 36561

T: 251.981.9777

F: 251.981.2299

TTY: 251.981.5528

Emergency Dial: 911